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Estimated to Ship – Contact Sales for Availability. Description. This Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio software comes with the latest version on a. Buy Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio (Dongle) featuring 8K Editing and Color Correction, Fusion VFX and Fairlight Audio, All-New Cut Page, Dual. Aug 22, - With the latest release of DaVinci Resolve 15, Blackmagic Design has like the RAW-video-capable Pocket Cinema Camera 4K at prices far  Missing: 7 ‎| ‎Must include: ‎7.

However, it's pretty complete otherwise, and I found that I liked it better than Premiere CC for organizing, scaling and searching clips. I also prefer Resolve 15's cutting tools over Premiere Pro's. It's more intuitive for operations like trimming heads and tails of clips, slipping and sliding moving a clip relative to other clips or changing its in and out point , unlinking clips and more. I also love the "dynamic" trimming that lets you adjust clips while playing them, and the latest version gives you better control over it.

One thing I do miss on Premiere, however, is the "Track Select Forward" editing tool that lets you grab the lead clip to move an entire timeline. Resolve now supports tabbed timelines like Premiere does. It also has a cool feature called "stacked timelines" that lets you position one edit on top of another and drag clips between them. This is particularly handy for editors who throw all their best material into one timeline, then drag the clips over to the final edit.

Finally, the new "optical flow" is a great addition, as it calculates fake "tween" frames to smooth slow motion, even if you didn't shoot at a high frame rate.

Color and audio Before it was an editing app, DaVinci Resolve was a color correction tool, so it's very powerful for that chore. Since it's aimed at professionals, though, the color wheels, curves and bars aren't very user friendly.

Adobe's color corrector is better for normals, because it looks more like Lightroom than something you'd see in a fancy post-production studio. The power is there if you take the time to learn it, though. Much like Fusion, Color uses Lego-like "nodes" that let you layer together clips and color correction effects. You can also use "power windows," complete with a motion tracker, to selectively adjust regions of an image. A good example is the "face refinement" feature that lets you track faces and then brighten your subject's eyes, smooth their complexion and lighten or darken their face, without affecting the rest of the shot.

Resolve 15 also uses so-called look-up tables LUTs to create custom looks or instantly adjust footage from Sony, RED, Panasonic, Blackmagic and other video-centric cameras.

The new version makes it a lot easier to browse through those to find just the right look. You can also more easily grab color settings from previous timelines and projects. A lot of editors don't like dealing with audio, but here again, DaVinci Resolve 15 treats users a bit better than Premiere Pro does. Everyday tools like audio dissolves and fades are a bit easier to find, for one thing. And when you need to do advanced sweetening, jumping into the dedicated Fairlight audio editor is more seamless than switching to Audition CC, which is a completely separate app from Premiere.

Fairlight improvements include new ADR aka automated dialogue replacement tools, a "normalize audio level" function to make it easier to set levels and change the pitch of clips, and numerous refinements of the UI, controls and commands for playback and editing.

On the Fairlight FX side, there are 13 new audio effects available both in Edit and Fairlight, including plugins for repairing audio, adding effects and simulating concert halls and other spaces. Fusion Fusion is one heck of a powerful VFX package. It lets you work in a full 3D space with cameras, lighting and shaders and do particle effects, warping, keying, color correction, painting and a whole lot more.

Now that it's embedded in DaVinci Resolve, you can work with multiple clips directly from the Edit timeline and quickly see them in context with the rest of your program.

Such power comes with an equally breathtaking learning curve, however. The good news is that using Fusion is pretty fun, and Blackmagic provides tutorials and resources to help you grok it. Much like other compositing programs, including Autodesk's Flame, Nuke and the defunct Apple program Shake, Fusion is a node-based VFX package that lets you layer multiple effects and clips by linking them together like Legos. To use Fusion in DaVinci Resolve 15, you simply park the playhead the line showing the current frame over the clip or clips you want to affect and click the Fusion button.

They then appear as nodes, and you're ready to create some effects. For instance, you might have one node as a foreground green-screen shot, one as a background and another for text. You can then apply a chroma key, color corrector, warper, particles or whatever else you want to do, and output the whole thing to an output node.

When you go back to Edit, you'll see the hopefully glorious final result. If it's not all that you hoped for, you can go back and tweak. Fusion has 2D and 3D text tools with macros that let you do advanced motion graphics and particles that can interact with other 3D objects, along with masking, tracking, match-moving, rotoscoping and warping tools. As mentioned, Fusion was originally designed to do special effects for big-budget films, so you might say that it's heavy overkill for the average user.

What is changing is the companies reliance on custom build in house Hardware. For all current daVinci customers there will be no break in support, development or service. Industry insiders point to how well this positions BMD to compete at an even higher level — while simultaneously allowing daVinci to service a wider market. From an email from Grant Petty: Because DaVinci was losing money there are a lot of changes going on, but most of these changes will bring some big improvements as well.

The only people in Florida who have been let go were managers, office staff and engineers working on products that had no future.

The engineering team for Resolve had already been cut back a few months ago, but now we have already rehired those engineers. We are hiring even more now. The team for Resolve should be times bigger in about 2 months time, and we have a lot of good ideas to work on. Resolve is just incredible and deserves more resources. Also some of the research engineers had been re-tasked into management roles which they hated, so we are keeping them and letting them get back to basic research which is what they truly love.

Revival had almost no engineers working on it, but it needs a new user interface and extra features. It will also have more engineering added to it.

As for manufacturing in Florida, we have not made any decisions here, but manufacturing is really only 3 people, and a lot of manual systems. We need to drastically improve that. We still have the same great support team in LA and Germany, however some of the other support engineers were in strange locations. There was no one in New York, and we need to fix that quickly. DaVinci support will stay exclusively for DaVinci products only. But we do have a massive number of spare parts, boards, etc, and we will be moving a lot of those parts to the support offices around the world for faster turn around in case of faults.

On the support contracts.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio MacOS. DaVinci Resolve 15 is the world’s first solution that combines professional offline and online editing, color correction, audio post production and now visual effects all in one software tool! Feb 02,  · DaVinci Resolve has made its mark as one of the premier color correction applications for the film and video industries. With the introduction of Resolve 14*, it’s clear that Blackmagic Design has set its sights higher. Advanced editing functions and the inclusion of the Fairlight audio engine put Resolve on track to be the industry’s. Shop B&H's in stock, large inventory for fast shipping, great service and everyday low prices on davinci resolve. For more info, please call

Blackmagicdesign davinci resolve 7 sale price

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Black Magic known for it world class signal convertors and hardware boxes. What is changing is the companies reliance on custom build in house Hardware. For all current daVinci customers there will be no break in support, development or service. Industry insiders point to how well this positions BMD to compete at an even higher level — while simultaneously allowing daVinci to service a wider market. From an email from Grant Petty:

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