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Yes, we offer a free diagnosis and quote that will determine whether or not we believe we can recover the data on the drive. The free diagnosis and quote include a breakdown of what we believe the failure is, what we need to do in order to recover the data, and a full price breakdown. The Diagnosis and Quote take Business days after we receive the drive in our lab. What happens if my drive is not recoverable?

If we find that your drive is not recoverable during the process of the free diagnosis and quote, you will receive an unrecoverable report as opposed to the diagnosis and quote. If the job is deemed unrecoverable, the only thing you will be obligated to pay is for the return shipping, or if you are local you can come pickup the drive.

If the drive is found to be Unrecoverable after the recovery attempts have begun we do have a No Data No Charge policy where you will not need to pay for any of the recovery services if the drive cannot be recovered.

Do you have a clean room? The Data Rescue Center boasts one of the most advanced clean rooms in the world. We have an ISO 5 Class cleanroom. The Class Cleanroom has an environment specifically engineered to remove air contaminants, preventing them from damaging open hard drives. The Data Rescue Center maintains their cleanroom to both standards and provides data recovery and drive repair on an international scale. If you donate your drive to our E-waste program, the first thing we will do is securely erase the drive to ensure that nothing can be recovered using your average recovery software.

We will then take the drive apart and take any usable parts to use as donor parts in ongoing recoveries. After the usable parts have been extracted, we will destroy the internal platters that once contained your data as well as any parts that were not salvageable.

Once the drive has been destroyed the platter fragments are mixed with the platter fragments from other drives in the E-waste program to guarantee your data can never be accessed on that drive again. How do I send the drive to you? When packaging the drive you want to make sure that you have a couple of inches of padding on all six sides of the drive. For padding, you will want to use bubble wrap. You do NOT want to use packing peanuts, air pillows, or paper, as these are not resistant enough to hold the drive in place.

Once the drive is securely packaged, please include the completed Client Information Form, so we know who the drive is coming in from and have your contact information. How can data loss be avoided? The only way to avoid performing a data recovery service where important data was lost is to have a functioning backup system in place with backups that are current.

More commonly than customers do not have a backup system is that they never check their backups until they need something only to find out there backups were either not running or the backup drive failed long ago.

Why choose The Data Rescue Center? Being faced with data loss can be a frightening experience. Searching online for hard drive data recovery services can be overwhelming and turn up hundreds of data recovery companies and options.

Whether you have a crashed, corrupted, or failing hard drive, The Data Rescue Center can help. The Data Rescue Center specializes in hard drive crash recovery services that provide professional results at a lower cost to you. Building on the number one rated recovery software, Data Rescue from Prosoft Engineering, The Data Rescue Center was founded to help computer users get their data back no matter what their situation is.

If your hard drive is suffering from data corruption, bad registry, broken directory or a virus, then the Data Rescue software should be able to help. There is a full demo available online to see if it will work try-before-you-buy. What does a physical recovery entail?

A physical data recovery service requires specialized tools and spare parts from a completely compatible drive highly. Even if you own the same drive from the same manufacturer offering the same size and speed most likely internally the drives differ considerably. The same drive can be incompatible with each other regarding the parts used inside.

In addition to the same drive differing inside, there is a need for expert tools that need to be operated within a clean room environment to prevent dust particles getting into contact with the magnetic platters , is the major reason physical hard drive recovery services are so involved and ultimately expensive.

Dust and dirt can potentially ruin the surfaces that hold your data, preventing successful recovery. As such, physical hard disk data recovery services are not for the faint of heart. Once a drive operates again, the same software tools used in a logical data recovery scenario are used to scan the raw data on the drive. Display view was not particular thing " stated prosoft data rescue 3 mac template.

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