Touch of Death (crossover event)

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Jul 11, - In the Linux version of CrossOver , we have changed our philosophy about what to install automatically alongside CrossOver. In the past. TABLE 25 Monthly Crossover Crashes by Initial Causation Approximately 80 January 30 21 1 0 0 0 February 40 69 12 0 1 0 1 March 34 78 13 2 0 1 1. Touch of Death is a two-part crossover event between Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS crossover event .. January 13, Followed by‎: ‎"‎True Colors‎ (NCIS: LA)"; "‎Flashli.

Your applications seamlessly integrate into Mac OS X. All you need to do is just click and run and app. Adding new Windows software is easy. All you have to do is insert the install CD in your machine. CrossOver will recognize it and offer to install it. Once installed, CrossOver will configure the application to run on your Mac. The application comes in two different versions — Standard and Professional.

CrossOver Standard provides individual users with the ability to run a wide variety of Windows software cleanly and economically. Loyola quarterback JT Thomas looked to add onto his teams' lead in the first quarter, but Marian linebacker Lou Gaddy knocked the ball loose from Thomas on a run at Marian's yard line, giving the ball back to Marian.

At that point, the Hurricanes were feeling good. Thomas hit Aidan Brownlee for his second touchdown of the first quarter as time expired. For the game, Thomas was of passing for yards and three scores. He had a yard touchdown pass to Matt Moran with 5: Loyola led, , going into the half and outgained Marian, Marian still can become playoff eligible with a win next week against St.

We have some guys we want to get back next week and give them another shot. The team finds several vials of the smallpox virus but also finds that several vials are missing. Chin and Danny interrogate Dracul's driver and are informed that Dracul took nine vials of the virus with him and plans on selling them at the International Market Place. Callen locates Dracul and begins chasing him; upon confrontation Dracul pulls a vial from his pocket and is shot dead by Callen.

The team recovers all nine vivals of smallpox and hand it off to the Center for Disease Control. At Kamekona's shrimp truck Chin, Danny, Callen, and Sam enjoy shrimp; however, Danny receives a call from Kono who tells him that the vials recovered did not contain smallpox.

Kono deducts that Dracul was crossed by his partner Doctor Jarrod Prodeman, and finds that he bought a ticket to Los Angeles. The other four head to Honolulu International Airport and find out that Jarrod traded tickets with another person so that Jarrod could take an earlier flight. Part 2: Upon opening the bathroom door they find the passenger dead of smallpox. Kensie and Deeks head to the airport and begin looking for Prodeman.

Video surveillance however, showed that Prodeman already left the airport via taxi cab. The taxi cab company revealed that Prodeman was dropped off at a hotel. When Callen, Sam, Chin, and Danny search the room they find it empty.

Afterwards, they find Prodeman outside and capture him.

Loyola overpowers Marian Central in CCL/ESCC crossover

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