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Oct 1, - Streaming Video Made Simple Adobe Visual Communicator 3 fits the needs OS: Windows XP (Pro or Home Edition with SP2), Windows Vista. Buy Adobe Visual Communicator 3 Software with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg! The Visual Communicator 3 Software for Windows from Adobe is a software package that is designed to create and enhance video presentations. The software.

An open notebook about creating web video, pathfinders, creativity and digital storytelling skills. I had forgotten that Adobe had purchased Visual Communicator a while back. I was messing around VideoWTF and noticed a mention of the program. So I swung by Adobe and checked out what was new about the program.

The software seems now to be targeted to small businesses, educators or those that want to present a professional message but don't have a lot of time or money. You received a green cloth for the "green screen" effect. You can set up your script and have it projected as a telepromter on your computer screen and it works with web cams or web camcorder. It is unclear to me if the product does work with the new line of USB flash memory and hard drive camcorders.

It does come with music, titles and guides to help you with the program. If you think you might be interested in the program go there first to check out what the common problems are and the type of support that is given.

You can check out the help manual ; but I don't think it has been updated to reflect that many people now have USB camcorders. Rob Zdrojewski is a busy dude. For education folks he also hangs out at the Ask Mr. Z blog. This is an example of a tutorial video created by Rob that explains the unintentional "Chipmunk" audio effect. It is also a good visual example of the features of Adobe Visual Communicator 3. The background, titles and music were all generated by the program.

Frugality vs. I can buy a camcorder, green sheets, some lights and have change left over. I come from a long line of frugal women so it is my DNA. I don't necessarily by cheap but I need to know if there is value in the purchase. If this software and the stuff that comes with it helps you to efficiently create, produce and output video on a regular basis then you have saved time and money.

I believe that is called a good return on your investment. Naw, I'm old school. I want to do it myself. But there is a value in this product for those that need to produced video content quickly and not have it look tacky. Only you can decide if this is a good option for your creation needs.. Posted by.

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October 1, Streaming Video Made Simple Adobe Visual Communicator 3 fits the needs of the web video producer who wants to quickly and easily create content. It has a lot of bells and whistles that give the user the potential to create video above the standard quality expectations of online video i.

The application is powerful and user-friendly, but the additional styled themes, music and graphics are somewhat outdated. It appears that this old Serious Magic software may not have had a full makeover when Adobe took over several years ago.

Install It All The install was a snap. To be fair, there are a few gems you can use for a variety of projects. In the left corner is the preview monitor, which shows you how the graphics and video will play out and also plays the role of the program monitor for rehearsal and playback, giving you a live view of the program video.

To the right of the preview monitor are the TelePrompTer and the vertical bar that holds the titles, effects and graphics. These two scroll together during your production. This brilliant part of the software allows the talent to read the script via an easy-to-read TelePrompTer, with upcoming visual changes scrolling upwards.

In this method, timing is everything, and the Rehearse and Review buttons are key to fine-tuning your delivery. The next bunch of GUI windows gives the user full control of settings, media and effects. Here the GUI seems a little crowded, mostly because of so many options.

On the left-lower side are the main program details, from project information to individual visual-effect controls. On the right-lower side, a basic browser window gives you instant access to all critical media, effects, styles and more. The oversized program clock at bottom left counts up during rehearsal and recording and reminds us of one important web video quality: We really like this feature. We quickly found a few favorites. First, the advance setup for video sources is a nice touch, allowing you to adjust the video image from a webcam or video camcorder.

You can adjust brightness, color, contrast and more to give incoming video the necessary adjustments, so that it really pops. Manipulating the lighting is your best bet for creating stunning images. V-Screen, a greenscreen utility, pulls a key from a live video source quickly and easily.

Put up a green sheet, and V-Screen creates an alpha channel and runs a new graphic, dynamic animation or video. If you plan to use a high-definition camcorder, make sure you can switch it into standard-definition mode. We preferred an external camcorder for control of lens length and positioning, although the other options are perfect for schools or for down-and-dirty, quick setups.

Mixing three input sources gives advanced users plenty of possibilities. We found the preferred distance from on-camera talent to TelePrompTer screen and camcorder to be about 5 feet, giving the talent a better eye line into the camcorder.

Even from 5 feet away, the prompter text is easy to read. When you use a webcam embedded into a laptop, the eye-line problem is reduced, as the camera eye is closer to the prompter text.

Audio inputs can come from your camcorder, webcam if it has a mic , USB microphone or the mic input on your computer. Audio setup will help you choose the source, adjust volume and decide whether or not to bypass the computer speakers. We were pleased with the ease of use. Adding text to the TelePrompTer from a script takes a simple copy-and-paste. Adding video or a simple graphic was a snap: Building your project tends to slow down when you introduce effects, titles and transitions.

If you do an appropriate number and use the Favorites folder, you can save yourself some hassle. When all is perfectly timed and rehearsed, the Record button activates a countdown leader, so you can take position.

You can stop recording if something goes wrong. The publishing wizard is a breeze and will walk you through your delivery method — e-mail, server, hard drive, etc. Choose a quality setting from presets or customize within the publishing wizard. Last Considerations We discovered a few helpful hints to get the best-looking web video production using Visual Communicator 3. First, experiment with your lighting. Big, soft, even light usually is a cure-all, but feel free to get creative.

We did find the Joby Gorillapod www. With a little time, you can turn a computer into a web video production studio capable of delivering high-quality presentations. With Visual Communicator 3, you can quickly start your web video adventure or take your time and develop a program far beyond the expectations of web video. Conclusion Adobe Visual Communicator 3 turns your computer into a production studio with streaming video capabilities.

Standard PC audio card with microphone Video Hardware: Dual-head video card required for full-screen output For Streaming Video Card:

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