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Nov 13,  · How I use Snap Art for my Foliage images. How I use Snap Art for my Foliage images. Skip navigation Alien Skin Eye Candy 7 - Plugin - Photoshop tips and tricks - Duration: Snap Art is selling for $, but we have a special discount link from Alien Skin, so you can get Snap Art at a special discounted price of $ Now I leave you with some more resources, which include a quick overview of the 10 filters included in the Snap Art set, a list of key features, an overview of the Snap Art interface, and Snap Art. Jul 21,  · Even better yet, all Alien Skin products, including Blow Up 3, Snap Art 4, Eye Candy 7, and the full Exposure X2 Bundle are available with 40% off their regular price.

When I did mainly photography, I used Snap Art to give my images effects similar to natural media painting. However, I never desired to imitate an oil painting or a watercolor. I liked to use these media presets and ones I created for my own effects. They can be used very successfully to imitate an oil painting, printed on canvas, or they can be used to add an interesting "painterly"effect to an image. Now I use them for special purposes to soften and make more life-like 3D renders. In this review I will give examples of the Alien Skin presets using them directly on photographs as well as 3D rendered images.

Greatly discounted price alien skin snap art 4 price

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