Greatly discounted price windows vista home basic

Greatly discounted price windows vista home basic

Oct 24, - The exact cost of the upgrade will vary among PC vendors. a free upgrade from Windows XP Home to Windows Vista Home Basic, XP Media But those features come at the cost of greatly increased demands on hardware. Jan 29, - Microsoft's Windows Vista delivers better security and usability, from the A highly selective history of the operating system. Vista is actually an armada of different versions: Windows Vista Home Basic ($ for the full version, $ for the ($/$), and Windows Vista Enterprise Edition (prices vary). Windows Vista came to market in January of with a focus on. OEM Windows 7 Professional packages from multiple sellersat prices ranging from $ to $ If your computer originally came with Vista, the 32 bit version is highly Users running editions such as Starter, Home Basic or HomeĀ  How to completely restore Windows Vista Home Premium?

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Contact Us Windows Vista? But I like Windows XP! The problem is that Windows XP is no longer an option. If you like all the latest and greatest toys, bells and whistles that may be fine for you. However, most users have a problem with Windows Vista; several problems actually. To begin with, there are many applications that run fine on Windows XP that do not work on Windows Vista. Windows Vista is also a very resource intensive operating system. This means it requires much more powerful hardware to run smoothly than Windows XP did.

Over time, Windows Vista gets slow and glitches begin to appear. This is not to say that Windows XP is perfect. Remember it too had problems at first, but after a few patches and service packs over the years, it has become very stable. Give Microsoft time to release a service pack or two and I'm sure that Windows Vista will be greatly improved.

Eventually, most new versions of programs will run with it fine as well. But what about right now? To help businesses with software compatibility problems, Microsoft did a nice thing. Great right? You would think so, but there is a problem.

When you install Windows, you then have to install device drivers. You need a driver for your video card, sound card, modem, network card, etc.

Device drivers are software and they are written specifically for a version of Windows. So you might find an XP version and a Vista version of a driver for your sound card. The problem is that many new computers have very new sound cards, network cards, video cards So do I have to use Windows Vista?

Do I have a choice? Microsoft is still selling Windows XP to computer manufacturers that choose to use it, but at this point, more and more choose not to.


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