Imagenomic portraiture 2 for adobe photoshop paid by credit card

Imagenomic portraiture 2 for adobe photoshop paid by credit card

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Magic Touch helps you address a very specific area of image and process them accordingly. Please do note that Magic Touch is charged additionally and is applicable only with Custom Color jobs. You can team up your Custom Color correction with Magic Touch. You can find out your Magic Touch requirement by clicking here.

I use VSCO presets. Have you worked with them before? Yes, we have worked with VSCO presets earlier and they are great way to process your images in a unique way. Just share your favourite VSCO preset s with us along with the requisite Camera Profiles and we will process your images using them.

Write to hello oodio. Can I speak to the Designer to convey my requirement more precisely? Yes, you can definitely speak to any one of our Designers to discuss your processing requirements in detail. This will help us understand your personal processing preferences in depth.

Can the same Designer always handle my jobs? We ideally train Designers to understand your style and produce the output that you will be happy with. This gives us redundancy in case your preferred Designer is unavailable, for example is on leave. Do you have a minimum order limit? For any services, we have a minimum order of Rs.

For Book Design and Book Print we charge for a minimum of 20 Layouts, irrespective of the number of layouts designed. Non India: Will editing on Smart Previews compromise the quality? Not at all! And once you get back the catalog and relink them with your RAWs, the edits are applied to your original files, therefore there is absolutely no loss in quality.

You can read more about Lightroom Smart Previews here. Do you calibrate your monitors? Yes, we calibrate our monitors every week. In order to consistently get the right results with OODIO, we recommend our customers use similar high grade color calibrated IPS displays with a controlled ambient lighting around the workspace. It is impossible to do accurate color correction, if the monitor is not calibrated regularly and the light around the workspace changes through the day.

This is common reason for discrepancy in color correction. Will I loose my Ratings and Labels once you process the images? We will make sure we preserve your Ratings and Labels on your set of images. Please make sure to mention this as an extra note in the order form, when you place the online order. I like culling pictures myself. Is that okay? Of course! Culling is an optional service. How can I send you my images?

For Editing Jobs: Once we have received the Hard Disk, we will ship it back to you free of cost. How long do you archive the jobs once they are delivered? We aim to maintain your RAW files for 1 month, and the catalog for 3 months once the job has been delivered to you. But these timelines can reduce as we usually optimize our storage capacity during peak season.

We strongly urge you to maintain a copy of your RAW files and deliverables from Oodio at your end to safeguard against any storage malfunction. Do you process JPEG images? Yes, we do process JPEG images. Do note for best result we would like to work on RAW images. Virtual copies will be billed extra, same as the editing rate for the particular job.

However, you can choose which approach you want for an individual event from a Wedding, for example you can opt to process the Mehndi event in Standard Color and the Reception set in Custom Color. This has to be submitted as two different jobs in two different catalogs. For Standard and Custom Color processing the editing approach undertaken is completely different.

Due to this reason the output from from these two kinds of processing will be different and will not necessarily match each other. This might cause the images in a particular series to look different. Normally, a set, well shot and in good lighting condition, will stand out with Standard Color processing and the more challenging images from a night function- Cocktail, Sangeet, may require Custom Color to get the magic back.

Also, custom color is highly recommended, in case you want us to follow your unique signature style of editing. I like your Standard Color job, but can you make the images more Warmer? For specific processing requirements we offer you Custom Color service, where you can tell us exactly how you want the images to look.

Standard Color processing is a hassle free service where our experienced editors make certain decisions based on your shooting style and ambient lighting in your images before processing them to their best. Due to this subjective nature we do not offer rework or feedback on the Standard Color Service offering. We have an internal quality check where the job is reviewed for Color and Exposure consistency before it is sent out to the customer.

JPEG file format is a lossy image file storage format where a particular processing style, selected in your camera, is already applied to the image. This gives our editors maximum bandwidth to bring out the best in your images. These figures are not exact as it would be very time consuming for us to keep track of every local adjustment made during a job. This is a rough estimate provided by the Editor who worked on your set of images.

Can you apply a Lightroom Preset or run a Photoshop action, a plug-in which I use for my style? Absolutely, you can provide us with your own personal Lightroom preset or a Photoshop Action, which you use. We will make sure to use them only on your images. What if I am not happy with your editing? We will rework the set until we are closer to achieving your style. It usually takes jobs before we completely understand and document your processing preferences.

We request you to be involved in these initial crucial few jobs to set up a lasting partnership. We will fix any gaps or minor tweaks in editing by implementing a round of feedback, for a custom color job without any extra charge to you.

Editing each set differently would not be possible in the long term. Where can I get a rough estimate of the job with Magic Touch? For Standard and Custom, the editing approach and workflow undertaken is different.

Its faster to turn around and a more cost effective alternative. Custom Color is driven by the requirements of the photographer, the style and approach is the essence here. It is a bit more expensive and takes longer to turn around. We offer two kinds of paper options — Gloss and Matte. The paper used are professional grade high quality paper which are tuned for Photographic printing.

A Gloss finish results in a little more contrast and vibrance in the images. Matte paper gives a classy and subtle finish. We generally do not print on any other substrates such as Velvet, Lustre, Pearl, Metallic etc. Do you offer only printing services. I would like to design the book myself? Yes, you are free to design the books yourself, we print your designs at Oodio.

Please write to us at hello oodio. Sure, we will be happy to design and print a book with your cherished photographs. Kindly write to us at hello oodio. My photographer has given me JPEG images. Can you design and print a book?

Yes, we will be happy to design and print with the JPEG images provided by your photographer. We just have two concerns regarding the JPEG images — resolution of the images and quality of editing on the images in their current state. In case we do feel that the images need editing, we will let you know. Please note that the editing of images is charged as a separate service. We request you to share a few files with us please mail to hello oodio.

I had asked for 20 layouts to be designed, but the books has 25 layouts. Why the extra layouts? We design books usually with images in a layout. However in some special cases, a layout may contain images.

These variations may occur due to the chronology and segmentation of the events.

Price of Imagenomic portraiture 2 for adobe photoshop paid by credit card

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