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Windows, Mac Price: The Office Preview can be downloaded and installed to your Windows or Mac computer, without paying anything or even having to save your credit card information somewhere for a future payment. However, the Office Preview is only available on a trial basis for a limited amount of time— days from when you install it.

That said, Office has smart and subtle changes that make it a more powerful application than ever before. And in Word, you will also get real-time co-authoring, for actual collaborative work. A Microsoft Office Preview: We show you the new look and features of the world's most popular productivity suite. Will you upgrade? Web hosting providers were left running vulnerable and unsupported software. SharePoint Designer looks and feels very similar, but can only be develop content that will be deployed on a SharePoint server.

At any rate, SharePoint Designer was phased out in Microsoft launched Expression Web for general purpose web design, which offered a small amount of FrontPage compatibility.

But there are more flexible, capable and reliable editors available for free, and they produce cleaner code that is compliant with modern browsers. Site builders run within a web browser, instead of being installed on a desktop computer. Without the security holes and special server requirements, site builders can create sleek, modern website that are safe for both you and your web hosting provider.

Choosing a Site Builder The majority of web hosting companies provide a free site builder tool with their plans. Even on a very basic package, you should have no trouble finding one. You can also sign up for a dedicated site builder plan, rather than a hosting package.

Functionality is restricted, but you may find the service easier to set up and use. Here are a few of the most commonly used site builders: Godaddy Sitebuilder: InMotion Premium Web Builder: HostGator offers the standard Parallels Plesk website builder, and the Weebly site builder.

The Plesk site builder is available to everyone who buys reseller, VPS or dedicated hosting, on Linux plans only. Note that this tool is not compatible with some versions of Internet Explorer, and the set-up procedure is not as simple as it could be. The Weebly builder is more user-friendly. The free plan allows you to build a store with 5 items under a Jimdo subdomain.

HTML Editing The ability to go back and forth from code to design and retain positioning is a real godsend. This feature exists in Dreamweaver, as well, so it is not as stellar as some of the other tools. One of the nicest tools is the tag explorer, that allows you to see the nesting of your currently selected tag and easily navigate up and down the tree. In addition, there is a code editor that lets you isolate on a specific tag and use Intellisense to code its attributes.

There is also a tool that allows you to quickly find a closing tag, which is a godsend for any developer working with nested HTML tables. Themes and templates Themes are much more easily edited in FrontPage , which allows designers to alter templated sites to make nice looking custom built sites very quickly. FrontPage also has the ability to create "master page" style templates which are, possibly a surprise, fully compatible with Dreamweaver MX.

That pretty much covers the major features. Overall, I like the FrontPage methodology of using a side pane that focuses on the task at hand over Dreamweavers sliding tool palette, although I know people that are more fond of the Dreamweaver IDE.

As this does not apply to as many users, it is not reason enough to shy away from Dreamweaver. As I use both, I do not want to shy away from either, but here is how I would stack it up.

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I have also worked with Dreamweaver since its earliest versions. In times past, FrontPage has largely been the site management and application development leader of the two, while Dreamweaver was much better at templating and all of the eye candy, like mouseover images, that we have become so fond of using in our sites. Having said that, FrontPage is a great step in the right direction. Here are my feelings, broken down: Site Management Site Management has improved in FrontPage , although the most bang for the buck will be Enterprise users who have decided to use SharePoint Portal Server in their organization. Much of the new data functionality relies on SharePoint.

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