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What Microsoft Project Server allows you to do more than MS Project Desktop Client alone: details & benefits of a central PPM solution (also as a PDF). Learn details about Microsoft Project Server , an older version of Microsoft Project & Portfolio Default work report in Microsoft Project Professional These downloadable PDFs are designed to help you get started with Project Online and Project Server

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Parsing Mail Accounts (dalvik app k9mail accounts) The activity shown in Figure 6. 1 shows a typical view for the K-9 Mail application configured with multiple mail accounts.

At first glance, two elements are of forensic interest: The account s name and corresponding address. However, we will see that there is more data attached to an account, such as default folder names, the storage method, the mail access method (IMAP, POP, etc. ), and even the user name and password.

Extracting this information is the goal. Figure 6.

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