Paid by credit card alien skin snap art 3

Paid by credit card alien skin snap art 3

Nov 13,  · How I use Snap Art for my Foliage images. How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain - . Aug 29,  · However, one of the best UI improvements to come from Snap Art 3 isn’t even in the Snap Art window: Snap Art 3’s filters have been combined into one filter and show up in Photoshop’s Filter menu as one (Filter > Alien Skin > Snap Art 3). Snap Art’s filters are now selected in the UI’s Background panel. Raleigh, North Carolina – July 19, – Alien Skin Software today announces the immediate availability of Snap Art® 3, the new version of its artistic natural media plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Lightroom®. Snap Art turns a photo into a beautiful work of art that looks completely handmade.

It enables you to add light to certain areas of your image without distorting the other parts. You can choose any effect from the library with just a single click and adjust the intensity manually. Just hover your pointer over any preset, and it instantly shows you how your image would look with that preset. In one word — outstanding! And not-so-surprisingly, this wide range of presets also happens to be the biggest strength of this program.

From the previous version, Exposure allows users to use the metadata or add keywords to create smart collections. That way, you can find a specific photo s from your library within seconds. And to make it more efficient, you can also add labels and color tags. Alien Skin offers one of the widest range of export options including sharing photos on social sites.

Alien Skin Exposure Cons 1. No doubt, Exposure 5 is a feature-rich program that renders almost a full-fledged editing workflow. But there are some areas where I found the software produced sub-par results. Similarly, the noise reduction, color grading, Spot Heal Tool, and lens correction functions were okay.

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With cheap price Paid by credit card alien skin snap art 3

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Selections are more precise. Interface is more streamlined. Effects look like they were created by hand, not by computer. The images they produce are artistic and organic, as if they were created by a human hand rather than a computer. Now the company has pushed the state of the art a little further with Snap Art 3 , the latest version of a suite of artistic filters for Adobe Photoshop.

Better Selections With the Detail Mask Snap Art 2 introduced the focus region, an ellipsis that served as a mask to selective reduce filter effects. Snap Art 3 has replaced the focus region with the detail mask, a major improvement in masking.

You paint rather than draw the detail mask, and the detail mask brush has its own size, hardness, and amount settings, which gives you greater control. The detail mask can have more than one mask, each applying its own effect. Figure 1. The Layers panel gives you great control over detail masking. The detail mask applies one of three effects—Abstract, Detail, or Structure—and provides the same general settings, such as Brush Size, Photorealism, and Paint Thickness.

I like the Detail effect for restoring photographic detail and the Abstract effect for creating patches of color—good for painterly techniques, though over the top if you want to keep details recognizable.

The Structure effect looks similar to the Detail effect but I see more posterization when I use it. Figure 2. See Figure 1 for the actual settings. The result is vibrant swirls of color representing the stained glass. Click on the image below to see a larger version. However, you can save a Snap Art 3 detail mask to a new layer, and you can convert that layer to a mask in Photoshop.

Multiple filters must still be composited in Photoshop. The five panels of settings have been reduced to four panels with more descriptive names Background, Layers, Color and Canvas.

The Settings panel now has its own place in the left sidebar. The buttons and notification region at the top of the UI have shrunk and moved to the bottom of the window. The detail mask which replaces the focus region introduced in Snap Art 2 is controlled in the Layers panel instead of the persistent Focus Control settings in version 2. Snap Art 3 keeps things simple and also makes it easy to change filters without closing Snap Art and selecting a new one in the Filter menu.

Figure 3. I produced this rendering of the Eiffel Tower with two Photoshop layers. Colored Pencil filter, Abstract-Angled preset, layer in Color mode. Pencil Sketch filter, Abstract-Charcoal preset black and white. Figure 4. The Wax Crayon is a new Pastel preset that performs differently than other Pastel presets. Wax Crayon. Soft Pastel. It produces unique artwork that is much brighter than anything from the other pastel types. This opens up possibilities for digital photographers who use Lightroom for their color corrections.

They can go from the digital capture to a corrected, artistically rendered image without launching Photoshop. From there, the Snap Art application takes over and the user interface is the same. You can choose to edit the original, a copy, or a copy with Lightroom adjustments. As well as editing individual shots, Lightroom can work with libraries of images. To accommodate that ability, Alien Skin has added batch processing to Snap Art 3.

You can even install Snap Art 3 for all these applications at once on the same computer. I had no trouble authorizing Snap Art 3 to publish to my Flickr account, and after that the process continued to be smooth. Users with a strong Flickr presence who plan to make Snap Art 3 the final step of their workflow should be excited. Not only are there a lot of other places online to publish photos SmugMug, Photoshop.

Perhaps version 4 will expand the list of places for automatic publishing. Worth the Cost I really enjoy using Snap Art 3, and when it comes to producing quality artwork quickly, it comes close to Corel Painter. Painter still takes the crown when it comes to longer projects involving more detailed work. Figure 5. I am very impressed by how quickly artwork can be created with Snap Art 3. This artwork of the Eiffel Tower was produced in seconds with the Oil Paint Thick Brush preset that ships with the product.

I can quibble about aspects of the user interface, the lack of CMYK support, and a few other things, but the improvements in recreating natural artwork, the Crayon, the new compatibility with Lightroom, and the streamlined Filter menu item all make Snap Art 3 a joy to work with.


Alien Skin Exposure X4 - 11: Add Realistic Bokeh

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