Review: Roxio Creator 2012 Pro

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Entirely new apps in Creator include FaceFilter Studio for portrait enhancement, DivX Pro for high-quality video creation and playback, and a set of "Nature" video effects like fire, fog and snow. Check out the complete list of what's new on the Roxio Creator and Roxio Creator Pro pages, respectively. Here, we've rounded up tutorials on the top ten features so you can get off to a quick start on your Roxio Creator adventure. Turn frowns into smiles with the expression editor, vanish wrinkles with the skin filter, create fake tans, erase skin blemishes with the smoothing brush and much more. Fix that group photo so that everyone is smiling and looking their best, or touch up a family portrait. See how FaceFilter works its magic in our video tutorial. FaceFilter Studio can change frowns into smiles, and much more click image to enlarge.

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The Roxio Creator Pro system. Broadcast yourself, YouTube invited, and billions did. The popularity of the video sharing website, and others like it, means video editing has become another skill associated with owning a camera. Many digital stills cameras, from point-and-shoots to SLRs, are also capable of shooting video, as are the plethora of smartphones out there. Those using the Apple ecosystem need do no more than load the pre-installed video editing software but what comes bundled with other manufacturers cameras, smart phones and Windows computers varies from virtually nothing upwards.

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