Budget Scenario 1: Deploying a SharePoint Intranet in a Small Business

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Sep 03,  · Enterprise edition of SharePoint is there and its a single server installation with SQL is also on the same machine. Now if we need to upgrade from SharePoint to SharePoint , what kind of license will be needed? Just one enterprise server license cost(as its a single serversetup)? or standard CAL licenses will also be needed? These are typically one-time licenses that cost around $7, per server. You will not need a SharePoint license for the server running SQL server. If you are planning a project or solution that uses SharePoint Enterprise features, additional Enterprise CALs will be needed for users leveraging them. May 27,  · Several costly niche server-side licenses are eliminated and transitioned to the SharePoint Server license, roughly 40% more expensive than its counterpart, and SharePoint CALs purchased per-user cost 15% more than the corresponding SharePoint CAL.

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Standard Enterprise There is relatively little difference between and in terms of the pricing models, so in this article we have stuck with the terminology. It includes most of the powerful collaboration features, some basic search capabilities and limited content management features. Device CALs might make sense if you want to assign multiple users to one device, such as shift workers. User CALs are a good option if you have roaming employees who need access to the corporate network from mobile devices or employees who use multiple devices on your network. Foundation is a comprehensive solution at an affordable price for small businesses but you miss out on sophisticated features like document workflow and content authoring.

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