Windows activate phone

windows activate phone

Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers worldwide telephone numbers. Find toll and toll-free .. Learn about Volume Activation for previous versions of Windows. Sep 4, - Learn more about how to activate Windows 7 or Windows , including how to use a phone for activation. Jul 31, - To start the Product Activation Wizard in Windows 7, Start > right-click Computer > Properties > Activate Windows now > Use the automated phone system to activate. Alternatively, to activate Windows by phone, open Run box, type 4 to open up a box that will let you activate your Windows via the telephone.

Other ways to activate Windows 8 Alternate methods to activate Windows 8: Activate Windows 8 over the phone If Windows 8 activation over the Internet is not possible, activate the product by contacting Microsoft over the phone. If you do, Microsoft might direct you to purchase a new operating system. If the operating system does not need to be replaced, simply activate or reactivate your existing installation. To activate Windows 8 over the phone: From the Start screen, type slui to open the Search charm, and then select slui 4 from the search results.

Click the down arrow under Select your country or region, select the name of your country or region, and then click Next. Call the telephone number provided on the Call and provide your installation ID screen. Be prepared to enter the series of numbers listed under Installation ID. Follow the instructions from the telephone system.

When provided with the confirmation ID, write the numbers down. On the Enter your confirmation ID screen, enter the numbers into fields A through H, in the same sequence as provided by the telephone system, and then click Activate Windows. If product activation was successful, a success screen displays and you are done.

If product activation is not successful: Windows 8 came pre-installed on your computer: Windows 8 did not come pre-installed on your computer: Activate Windows 8 using HP System Recovery If your computer came with Windows 8 pre-installed and you have not replaced the motherboard, HP System Recovery can be used as an alternative to performing either an online or telephone activation.

HP System Recovery restores Windows 8 to its original factory condition and reinstalls the original operating system. There are several different recovery situations to consider: If the computer shipped with Windows 8 and the Recovery Manager is functional, use the Recovery Manager to restore the computer to its default factory conditions.

Windows 8 activates automatically when connected to the Internet. If the computer shipped with Windows 8 but the Recovery Manager is not functional, use the recovery discs to restore the computer to its default factory conditions.

If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows but included an upgrade disc for Windows 8 provided by HP, restore the computer to its default factory conditions, and then upgrade again to Windows 8. If the computer shipped with an earlier version of Windows and you upgraded or custom-installed a full retail version of Windows 8, use the Microsoft DVD to re-install Windows 8.

If the computer shipped with Windows 8 and the Recovery Manager is not functional, but you have not created the recovery discs, you can order a Windows 8 Recovery DVD. You might need to contact Microsoft to activate Windows 8. Troubleshooting Windows 8 activation errors If an error code displays while attempting to activate Windows, try the solutions below to solve the problem. If you continue to get an error message, Contact HP support. When contacting HP, have your model number, product number, and serial number ready.

Error message What the error message means Possible solutions Windows isn't activated. This PC isn't activated anymore. If you reinstalled Windows or made changes to your hardware recently, you can contact support for help. Windows 8 is not activated on the computer for reasons such as changes in the hardware configuration or because Windows 8 was activated multiple times on the computer.

Activate Windows. Restart Windows normally to get everything you need to activate. Windows 8 activation is not possible in safe mode. Restart in normal mode from Windows: There's a problem with activation. Please contact the manufacturer of your PC, or buy a new key. There is a problem with the product key. The product key on this PC didn't work.

You might need to contact the company that built this computer, or buy a new key. Contact HP support for assistance. Windows isn't activated. The product key didn't work. Try a different key, or buy a new one.

Windows is unable to process the product key due to a problem in manufacturing, a problem with the computer, an incomplete reinstallation of Windows 8, an invalid product key, or because the key was not entered correctly. Carefully check the product key entry to make certain that all numbers and letters are entered correctly.

To try to enter the key again, click the Activate with a new key button on the Windows Activation window, and follow the onscreen instructions. Contact HP support for further assistance. To buy a new key, click the Buy a new key button on the Windows Activation window, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your license to use this evaluation version of Windows has expired. The free trial for Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 8. Purchase the latest version of Windows 8, or restore the computer to a previous operating system using recovery or installation media. For more information. For more information, see: Windows 7: This product key is already being used on another PC.

In most cases, Microsoft allows a product key to be installed on only one computer at a time. Contact HP support. This preinstalled version of Windows can't be activated. Contact your PC manufacturer for assistance, or buy a new key. Windows 8 is not activated on the computer for reasons such as changes in the hardware configuration or a problem in manufacturing. Enter a new product key to activate Windows.

Windows 8 is not preinstalled on the computer, and no product key is configured. The product key doesn't match the region you're in, so try a different key. The product key is not for the region specified in your location settings. Check your location settings: Click Region from the list of results.

On the Location tab of the Region window, confirm that the correct selection was made from the Home location drop-down menu. In the below section we have given three methods that you can use to activate Windows 7. Before starting the procedure we want to suggest you follow each procedure carefully and completely.

If you miss even a single step the procedure will not be completed and you will not be able to activate Windows 7. How to Resolve Windows 7 activation Issue Method 1: Activate Windows over the phone To activate Windows over phone first of all, Windows will detect your computer Product Key by using the data sent to the telephone. Thereafter it will send you an activation code on your phone. Now you need to give the mentioned numbers to the customer care executive and then you will get a Confirmation ID, which you will need to enter.

After entering the key you need to hit on Activate option available Method 2: Change the product key Sometimes due to getting stick to a wrong product key, windows show such errors. In order to solve the issue, you are required to change the wrong key to the correct and exact key.

The product key on the sticker must be given in 25 characters. You will see the window key like: To complete the procedure it is important to be connected to the internet Method 3: Rearm Windows then activate Rearming Windows is a procedure to remove all the corrupt and stuck keys from the device.

Sometimes it happens that the Windows activation procedure stuck the halfway and in this situation rearming procedure helps a lot.

Buying Windows activate phone

If you are, you should upgrade anyway. When you activate over the Internet, your copy of Windows checks in with Microsoft and reports its product key. If your Windows product key is non-genuine in other words, a pirated key or is being used on another computer, the activation process will fail.

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