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Windows Server R2 Web; Windows Server R2 Standard; Windows Server R2 Enterprise; Windows Server R2 Datacenter; Windows. About Windows Server R2 Essentials, Performing a Clean Windows Server R2 Installation Before embarking on the installation of Windows Server R2, it is important to first Windows Server R2 Enterprise Edition. Windows Server R2 Enterprise Edition (x64) Patches 1, Security Update for Windows Server R2 x64 Edition (KB) · MS, Important.

This depends on whether you have already activated Windows. At an elevated command prompt, run the following command: Note This displays the following information: X days to activate If you have already activated Windows, use one of the following methods: Note If you are running the evaluation version, theAbout Windows dialog box displays "Evaluation version.

Note If you are running the evaluation version, the system properties windows displays the following: Do the Microsoft Software License Terms indicate that this is an evaluation version? Yes, the Microsoft Software License Terms do indicate that this is time-sensitive software. Can you convert the evaluation version to a full version? Since there is no support for any type of upgrade you must do a install to new directory using non-evaluation media. If you do not activate the product before the grace period expires, you experience the following: Windows changes the desktop wallpaper to a solid black background.

A watermark appears in the lower-right corner of the desktop together with the following warnings: Activate now Question: Can I reset the day grace period if I cannot successfully activate? What happens when the day evaluation period expires? When the evaluation period expires, you experience the following: Windows license is expired This copy of Windows is not genuine When you log on to Windows, you are prompted with the following options: To get started, check the server role upgrade and migration matrix for Windows Server.

This feature allows you to avoid downtime which could impact Service Level Agreements. This new feature is discussed in more detail at Cluster operating system rolling upgrade. License Conversion In some operating system releases, you can convert a particular edition of the release to another edition of the same release in a single step with a simple command and the appropriate license key.

This is called license conversion. For example, if your server is running Windows Server Standard, you can convert it to Windows Server Datacenter. In some releases of Windows Server, you can also freely convert among OEM, volume-licensed, and retail versions with the same command and the appropriate key.

Upgrade If you want to keep the same hardware and all the server roles you have set up without flattening the server, upgrading is an option—and there are lots of ways to do it.

In the classic upgrade, you go from an older operating system to a newer one, keeping your settings, server roles, and data intact. For example, if your server is running Windows Server R2, you can upgrade it to Windows Server However, not every older operating system has a pathway to every newer one.

Note Upgrade works best in virtual machines where specific OEM hardware drivers are not needed for a successful upgrade. You can upgrade from an evaluation version of the operating system to a retail version, from an older retail version to a newer version, or, in some cases, from a volume-licensed edition of the operating system to an ordinary retail edition.

Before you get started with an upgrade, have a look at the tables on this page to see how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

For information about the differences between the installation options available for Windows Server Technical Preview, including the features that are installed with each option and the management options available after installation, see Windows Server Note Whenever you migrate or upgrade to any version of Windows Server, you should review and understand the support lifecycle policy and timeframe for that version and plan accordingly.

You can search for the lifecycle information for the particular Windows Server release that you are interested in. Upgrading to Windows Server For details, including important caveats and limitations on upgrade, license conversion between editions of Windows Server , and conversion of evaluation editions to retail, see Supported Upgrade Paths for Windows Server Note Note: Upgrades that switch from a Server Core installation to a Server with a Desktop installation or vice versa are not supported.

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This article does not provide instructions for adding a Domain Controller DC to an already existing Active Directory Forest infrastructure. Select domain name and password Select your domain name and know the domain administrator password that you want to use. Your domain name should be reliably unique. Do not use the same domain as your website, for example, and avoid extensions like. We suggest a domain name that is not used for anything else, like internal. To accomplish this, assign the private network adapter to the preferred DNS server address of the same private network adapter, as follows: In the Network Connections window, right-click the private adapter and select Properties.

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